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Posted by OSS-Index on May 18, 2016

Quick access to Drupal auditing tools, search, and recent Drupal activity on OSS Index.


Updated by OSS-Index on February 10, 2018

Identify known vulnerabilities in a variety of Windows package formats, to not only find development package vulnerabilities, but also those in installed programs. It will support:

  • MSI: Programs installed through standard Microsoft Installers
  • Chocolatey: Chocolatey is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind.
  • OneGet (PackageManagement): Unified interface to package management systems
  • NuGet: the package manager for the Microsoft development platform
  • Bower: A package management system for client-side programming on the World Wide Web.

Installers and binaries: DevAudit Releases
Chocolatey gallery page: chocolatey.org
Installation and usage instructions: README.md
Sources: github.com